Our instruments are uniquely handcrafted and
customized to meet the specific requirements of you,
the client!

Our main focus is to translate the ideas of our clients into magical musical instruments

utilizing science, art, imagination and crafstmanship, thus resulting in
instruments that speak to the heart.

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Artists quotes

Paquito d'Rivera

Paquito d'rivera

Mine with Tatiana’s instruments was like love at the first sight, just because even for a non-percussionist like me, those instruments are so friendly and easy to play. I love them! (specially the wooden bongó).
~Paquito D’Rivera


David Sanchez

Davíd Sánchez

In my opinion, Tera Percussion is one of the very best percussion companies right now. For me, it is key to have a quality of sound that is authentic. Tera percussions clearly has raised the bar when it comes to doing just that. You hear and feel a sound that is grounded, free and genuine.... ~Dávid Sánchez



I remember when I had to go through customs in Japan and my handluggage was odd sized cause I had manoeuvred a Tera Percussions bongo cajon in there! Recording albums and performing is my passion and it's really special that both in recording as on stage I have Tera Percussions instruments around me. Representing uniqueness, musicallity, roots, craftsmanship, custom made and pure passion. ~Giovanca


Yotam Silberstein

I love me Tera Cajon, I just used it on a recording last week, and it sounds amazing! ~Yotam Silberstein

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